professional HIGH quality PHOTOGRAPHY

Photography is the most striking way to showcase your celebration, event or brand and with OpticalMedia we ensure the highest standard of image capture and editing.

our photography services

Our services start with you letting us know your brief, we can gauge the style and type of photography that will best fit your requirements. 

We then create a personalised quote and if it's accepted make the arrangements for the shoot. 

Our previous clients have used our photography services for events such as weddings, workshops, corporate teaching events, location showcases and others. 

This means that we feel confident that we would be suitable to help capture and tell your story. 


We have worked with a range of clients in the past and outlined here what our photography services typically consist of however we still ensure that each client has a tailor made solution for them dependant on their requirements



  • One photographer on site with a full brief of the shoot and a pre agreed shooting plan
  • Two high quality cameras shooting for both wider and longer shots
  • Typically between 500-1000 shots per session  
  • 100-300 edited images provided to you via a digital download 
  • 10-15 edited images ready on the day for social media/press 

This is a typical example of one of our photography packages however we always make sure that our services match the reqiurements of the clinent.